28 September 2007

TED Talk by John Maeda

This is a seriously interesting presentation by John Maeda - he is a graphic designer and computer scientist who works to link design and technology. He's given me several interesting ideas to ponder, not least of which is non-eating uses for fast food. Here's his website too.

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27 September 2007

Debate: It’s a World Wide Web of Women!

Slattery IT are running an debate titled: "It’s a World Wide Web of Women!"

I've heard most of the speakers before and am looking forward to a lively discussion! AND we can have drinkies after (web, women and booze - always a dangerous combination!)

As per Rachel Slattery's email "Australian women are doing a helluva lot in the wild world of the web. Women with initiative and spunk that redefine success with each wave of technology. And women that have fun while they are doing it. After an overwhelming response from the call to find extraordinary women of the web, Slattery IT has rounded up a bunch of truly inspirational women that have cast off gender stereotypes and limitations to go forth and conquer cyberspace! So come along for a fun exploration of business models and the new directions that women are forging for themselves - and to share a drink or two afterwards."

MODERATOR Lynne Spender, Consultant, DigiGen

Laurel Papworth, Online Communities Strategist, World Communities
Samantha Brett, Blogger, ASK SAM
Danielle Lehrer, Founder & CEO, GoShout Pty Ltd
Liesl Capper, CEO & Co-founder, My Cybertwin
Sara Goldstein, Co-founder, Mybargainqueen.com

WHEN Wednesday 21st November, 2007; 5.30pm - 7.00pm
VENUE Lecture Theatre, Museum of Sydney, Cnr of Phillip & Bridge Streets, Sydney
COST $30 (inc GST)
* Please note this fee only covers entry to the Debate. However, please join us at Bar Luca following the Debate where food will be served and drinks may be purchased.

You can register online at Slattery IT

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Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Here are some thoughts on life from someone who's really been thinking about it - Randy is dying and shares about his past achievements and success, and he gives advice on living a life. It makes you think about life and work and the balance between them.

Check out Randy Pausch's Web Site and his video address:

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25 September 2007

Web 3.0 Formula

Sramana Mitra has articulated a formula to explain the diference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 - this a nice encapsulation of a complex set of ideas!

"3C = Content, Commerce, Community 4th C = Context P = Personalization VS = Vertical Search

This, I submit, is the formula for the future: Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS). "

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24 September 2007

Death By Powerpoint

This is a truly good insight into the evils of Powerpoint! "Fighting death by PowerPoint... How to make a presentation and not to bore your audience to death."

From: thecroaker, 1 month ago

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21 September 2007

I miss the nice cold places ...

This is a picture of Niagara Falls (Canadian side) earlier this year - this was just after a blizzard

Precious Mac Moment!

Today in the office someone needed to watch a DVD (as you do, totally work related) - they tried 4 different PCs to no avail. Lo and behold Macbook to the rescue, it played the DVD first go no problem!

No wonder I love my little Macbook :-)

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Ark Group Online Collaboration Conference Sydney (2007)

I spoke at the recent Ark Group Online Collaboration Conference Sydney (2007) - here is a link to my presentation on Slideshare

The topic was Approaches to Online Collaboration - which made me think about the cultural, practical and philosophical issues involved in online collaboration in a business context. The more I thought about it the more it seemed to be about people and culture but not about the technology.

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19 September 2007

The Drugs Song - Amateur Transplants

These guys are very amusing!

17 September 2007

Web 2.0 SIG

The IEEE Computer Society NSW Chapter is starting up a web 2.0 special interest group. Our first meeting will be on 3rd October 2007 at the Australian Technology Park. Anyone interested in coming along should email me so I can advise details. I've even made this funky web 2.0 reflecting logo for us ;-)

Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19 September

It is Talk Like a Pirate Day this week on 19 September - shiver me timbers! More people should talk like pirates on this day, I might even dress up this year.

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16 September 2007

Past Notable Women of Computing

This site lists some of the women pioneers of computing - Past Notable Women of Computing

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Good Career Management Tips — Document your accomplishments

This tip from the Cubicle Warrior on career management is to document your accomplishments. It is good advice as I can never recall all the fabulous things I've done when pushed. Clearly it would be easier to note them as I go.

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silkcharm showing us naughty things (again)!

As always we can rely on Laurel to show us the naughty bits - in this case the Tom Ford (VERY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT) ad campaign. Very amusing, but not one to click through on at work.

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15 September 2007

GE Reunion

We had a bit of a GE reunion dinner in Sydney on Friday night - at the Bavarian Bier Cafe. It was nice to see everyone again, but I think that the mixed Bavarian Platter was a mistake (essentially multiple kinds of meat with sauerkraut & potato). Luckily I did not drink too many biers!

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Information Architecture Institute

The Information Architecture Institute has some really good info on IA, inlcuding some easy to use templates like this one which is based on Excel so it is very accessible.

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14 September 2007

Sysadmin humour

In my misspent youth I was a unix sysadmin and this post reminded me of why I quit.

"I think that we should officially make this the sysadmins credo. We'll call it "The Abigail Oath" and require all new sysadmins to swear it.

Well, without the layoff part, maybe something like this:

I am hired because I know what I am doing, not because I will do whatever I am told is a good idea. This might cost me bonuses, raises, promotions, and may even label me as "undesirable" by places I don't want to work at anyway, but I don't care. I will not compromise my own principles and judgement without putting up a fight. Of course, I won't always win, and I will sometimes be forced to do things I don't agree with, but if I am my objections will be known, and if I am shown to be right and problems later develop, I will shout "I told you so!" repeatedly, laugh hysterically, and do a small dance or jig as appropriate to my heritage.

Mike Sphar, re: Abigail's resignation letter"

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13 September 2007

Ark Group Collaboration in the world of Web 2.0 Conference

Spoke at the Ark Group's Collaboration in the world of Web 2.0 Conference today - the topic was online collaboration (copy of the presentation here). It is very helpful to do things like this as it really forces me to think about the issues. It all came down to the fact that collaboration is all about people and change, very little about the technology you use.

Laurel Papworth did a fine job chairing the conference, the Ark Group people were well organised, and the venue seemed nice.

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12 September 2007


Just launched - PikiWiki - fun for those bored with textual wikis

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2 September 2007

Digital Media & Convergence

Weirdly several people have wanted to talk about digital media with me over the last few days. It is very apt with the AIMIA Digital Media Summit so close (I cannot attend as so many of our digital projects are launching in September).

It made me stop to consider digital media and the way it is all converging. Several years ago everyone was talking about convergence, but the technology had not caught up with the idea. Now the technology is almost ready to support the idea.

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Why women just don't want IT

I was away on a snowmobiling vacation in Canada for International Women's Day in March this year so I missed seeing Sheryle Moon's speech. I just caught up with it tonight and she raises some really important points.

Women do not want to work in the IT industry. We have to ask ourselves is it women or the industry or government policy that needs to change?

Sheryle Moon is a real inspiration to women, but do we really want to be available 24x7 like she is?

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IEEE Computer Society NSW Chapter

Currently working to revitalise the IEEE Computer Society NSW Chapter, first steps have been to:

  • revamp the website
  • start an online community to get member feedback & involvement
  • schedule a chapter meeting for September 2007
  • start a special interest group (a.k.a. SIG) in Web 2.0 with inaugural meeting in October 2007.
I'm really hoping the Chapter members will get involved. In Australia we have so few forums for technologists to get together and build communities of knowledge.

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