30 December 2007

Dangers of video blogging exposed: Jim Chomas Naked

This post over at Techcrunch on the now infamous Jim Chomas' naked & drunk video is worth a view. It is instructive as to some of the dangers inherent in posting video online. It is also utterly hilarious. I saw the url to it on Twitter and went there to watch the action. It was like watching an accident in motion - hard to look away, but quite entertaining. It is the same thing that keeps us watching Britney Spears et al. You want to see what can possibly happen next.

Unlike when you write blog posts under the influence, video shows it all up close and in living colour. I suspect that Duncan Riley was correct when he said "If Jim had any career before it must surely join the deadpool now, or maybe not, after all drunk TV had some value tonight, at least from me and 100 others. Either way if the full Ustream clip gets released I’m betting this might well be the last great viral video of 2007." Perhaps Jimmy will just continue doing his show drunk and naked in future?

via Aide-mémoire

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alecthegeek said...

As I once pointed out on a geek mailing list "If you drink and type you look like a bloody idiot" (to paraphrase a local road safety campaign).

I guess it needs to be extended to include other media types besides text.