29 February 2008

Even the Twitter error page is borked!

Here we see that even the new cutesy Twitter error page is borked, eskimo_sparky needs to start selling those t-shirts.

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28 February 2008

Why email is so old fashioned ...

Here we go at last - it is reported that the younger folks just don't like email ...

According to
Michael Fitzpatrick, Guardian

February 28, 2008

"Mobile texting is now outstripping the use of email among the young. Michael Fitzpatrick reports.

The art of correspondence faces another rude shove towards oblivion: even email is under fire for being "too formal".

Outside of work, SMS and instant messaging are fast becoming the writing tools of choice. Indeed, South Korea - that crystal ball of all our digital future - has even seen a report that many teenagers have stopped using email altogether.

'It's for old people,' they say."

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Microsoft going LOLcode?

Nick Hodge suggests that future Microsoft developement may be in LOLcode?

Perhaps it is teh way of teh future ...

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Now for Grammar Dog Arch Enemy of LOLcats

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, grammar dog, lolcats, I Has a Hotdog
loldogs are funny dog pictures!

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26 February 2008

Lambdacats - more LOLcat madness

Given my obsession with LOLcats and LOLcode
it is with great delight that I discovered the existence of Lambdacats (hat tip to the sup3rl33t LOLcode), are they not adorable?

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24 February 2008

More ceiling cat ...

Humorous Pictures

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23 February 2008

In praise of proper capitalisation & punctuation in emails

PsyBlog posted about some research on the use of emoticons & capitalisation in emails and:

"They found that, sure enough, using correct capitalisation and emoticons tended to make a better impression on readers. The reader's personality also influenced how emoticons and capitalisation were perceived. Readers high in both extroversion and emotional stability were likely to rate sender's emails as more likeable if they had correct capitalisation. As for emoticons, readers higher in emotional stability were likely to rate sender's emails more likeable if they used emoticons."

At last there is some evidence that supports my personal opinion!

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22 February 2008

What if Microsoft did the iPOD?

This is very amusing (hat tip to Mands for the clip)...

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17 February 2008

Sometimes a LOLcat just sums it all up for me ...

Humorous Pictures
moar humorous pics

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Hype Cycle for Social Media

It seems like we are moving through the traditional technology hype cycle for social media (just like every other new technology that we've seen in the past).

The social media hype cycle appears to be heading away from the 'peak of inflated expectations' and towards the 'trough of disillusionment" during 2008. This is a good thing, since it is only when we are past all this can we begin to work out how to use the technology effectively and to monetize it successfully (a.k.a. the 'plateau of productivity').

I know that I am experiencing online social networking fatigue and anecdotally a lot of users are mentioning it in conversation with me too. However, business folks are only just starting to get their heads around this space. The wave of early adopter interest is moving - to video (check out Loic's seesmic) perhaps?

Methinks consolidation and realignment are the watchwords for this sector.

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15 February 2008

Discussion: Customer blames bankruptcy on IBM IT failure

I have been using the following article as a bit of a case study with my students (who are currently studying project & SDLC management) this past week. It is such a good example of why this stuff is important to get right. Here a company has attributed bankruptcy to a failed ERP system implementation. It is very important because the failed technology implementation was really just a symptom of the failures of both the management and control systems within the business.

Customer blames bankruptcy on IBM IT failure by ZDNet's Michael Krigsman -- American LaFrance (ALF), the “leading brand of custom-made fire fighting, fire rescue vehicles, ambulances, and heavy-duty work refuse vehicles,” has declared bankruptcy, blaming IBM and a failed ERP implementation. According to filings in the District of Delaware bankruptcy court (PACER case no. 08-10178), problems occurred when ALF was spun out as an independent company from [...]

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13 February 2008

Conference presentation on social media & web 2.0

Off to Melbourne tomorrow to speak at the Ark Group's Demonstrating the Strategic Importance of Internal Communication Conference - which is all about "enhancing recognition of the internal communication function by demonstrating tangible results".

My session is about "Web 2.0 in practice: effectively employing social media as a communication tool" and I'll be sharing a case study on AMP's use of social media and web 2.0 for internal communication.

Will post the presentation on Slideshare next week.

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Remembering Keating's 1992 Reconciliation Speech

On this day when Australia's Parliament finally made an apology to the aboriginal people it is worth thinking back to Paul Keating's revolutionary speech in 1992 at Redfern.

I still recall thinking that, at last, Australia was ready to be grown up now that our leader could talk in this way. Little did I realise that this would be followed by so many years of the exact opposite.

It is worth remembering this visionary speech on such a day:

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12 February 2008

Safer Internet Day 2008?

Apparently today has been deemed Safer Internet Day 2008 and according to this email from Stephen Conroy:

"... Australia will join some 50 countries around the world in activities designed to raise awareness of the safety of children in the online environment, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, said today.

Read more at: http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/media/media_releases/2008/009

I'm still not sure what all this means?

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11 February 2008

Grad Thinking ...

Just had a couple of new computer science grads sitting next to me today so I took the opportunity to explore their use of social networking technologies. The results were interesting:

* neither liked MySpace as it was for "12 year olds" plus everyone could see all your stuff

* one used Facebook but now was bored with it, but found it useful to upload holiday pictures

* both preferred to actually speak with other people on their mobile phones, but did not really like SMS

This is all very interesting for me, as travelling in geeky circles it is easy to groupthink about technology.

10 February 2008

Working too Hard?

I think I might be working too hard these days or have too much on my mind. But at least I'm having dream help. Last night I dreamed the answers to a bunch of work I'm in the middle of and spent today just powering through it.

Would prefer to be having more fun dreams, but functional is pretty good too.

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6 February 2008

Twitter & Google maps for Super Tuesday

Google maps has joined forces with Twitter and Twittervision with instant updates on Super Tuesday in the US presidential primaries.

They mashup tweets from across the US with Google maps for up to date info.

Here is Twitter & Google for Super Tuesday

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4 February 2008

Australia 2020 Summit - Vote for Geeks

Vote for geeks to attend KRudd's Australia 2020 summit.

It sounds a bit like a cricket match to me, maybe they need a better name for it. Or perhaps it is due to a deeper understanding of the Aussie psyche - they know some people will accidentally tune in thinking it is a cricket match ;)

Vote for your favourite geek on Bloggerati Australia

Nominees include our very own Laurel Papworth, Stephen Collins, and Mark Pesce

More info over at 2020summit.org - it is heartening to see the online community leap into action like this.

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3 February 2008

Dogs 'n' bears

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Other interesting panel members at ad:tech

Just realised that Laurel Papworth is also on panel at ad:tech wednesday, march 12, 2:10pm - 3:00pm Brand Opportunities in Social Virtual Worlds

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