13 April 2008

Australia's First Female Governor General

Appointment of Ms Quentin Bryce AC as Australia's next Governor General is good news. She has had a distinguished career as a lawyer, academic, senior public servant and governor of Queensland (not to mention the 5 kids & several grandchildren). IMHO an excellent choice as Her Excellency (although I do suspect she will prefer to be called "Ms Bryce").

More in the Sydney Morning Herald

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

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Anonymous said...

It's good to get a female GG. It's rather a shame the press keep going on and on about how she's a women all the time. Shades of "Gillard is Aus' first acting female PM". It ends up sounding like something we should be worried about.

Pity she's a lawyer though -- how about an engineer next time. There are already enough lawyers in government.

Of course when the Pom's throw out the Royal Family we'll be able to get our own king :-).