9 January 2009

Yet another Twitter Top 100 List ...

All those top 50 or top 100 Twitter user lists that enumerate the so-called Twitterati sort of annoy me.

In fact, they annoy me so much that, a while back, I created Yet Another Twitter Top 100 List .

How do you get on this list? You just add yourself and get an instant self esteem lift.

If you are not on one of these lists (or you feel a mild sense of irony) feel free to go and add yourself to this list. If you feel like it add yourself more than once. After all if being a the list once makes you feel good imagine how much you'll when listed twice?

Go on - there's plenty of space left - then you too can be a Twitterati as well ;)

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

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